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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

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Eric Curtin

Principal Software E...
Red Hat
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Red Hat Engineer working with CentOS Automotive SIG. Upstream maintainer of inotify-tools, ostree, etc.


MAD24-304 Leveraging Atomic Upgrades with OSTree for Automotive



  • Thursday, 16 May 10:25 - 10:50
  • Room: Keynote | Zaragoza III+IV

In the rapidly evolving automotive industry, software updates have become a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance and functionality enhancement. However, updating software in vehicles presents unique challenges, including ensuring reliability, security, and minimizing downtime. In this proposal, we advocate for the adoption of atomic upgrades utilizing OSTree technology in automotive systems. We will discuss the benefits, challenges, and implementation strategies of using OSTree for automotive software updates. Our talk will provide valuable insights into leveraging atomic upgrades to streamline the update process, enhance system reliability, and improve overall user experience in automotive software management. Introduction: As vehicles become increasingly connected and reliant on software-driven features, the need for efficient and reliable software update mechanisms becomes paramount. Traditional update methods often involve complex processes, significant downtime, and potential risks to system integrity. Atomic upgrades offer a promising solution by ensuring system consistency and reliability during the update process. OSTree, a versioned file system designed for immutable deployment of filesystem trees, provides a robust foundation for implementing atomic upgrades in automotive systems. This proposal aims to explore the integration of OSTree-based atomic upgrades in automotive software management. Key Points to be Covered: 1. Overview of Atomic Upgrades: We will provide a comprehensive overview of atomic upgrades, explaining the concept and highlighting its advantages over traditional update mechanisms. This section will cover key principles such as atomicity, transactionality, and rollback capabilities. 2. Introduction to OSTree: We will delve into the features and architecture of OSTree, emphasizing its suitability for automotive software deployments. Topics covered will include versioning, deduplication, and content-addressable storage. 3. Benefits of OSTree for Automotive: We will discuss the specific advantages of leveraging OSTree for automotive software updates. This will include improved reliability, reduced downtime, enhanced security, and simplified rollback procedures. 4. Challenges and Considerations: We will address the challenges and considerations associated with implementing OSTree-based atomic upgrades in automotive environments. Topics such as bandwidth constraints, storage requirements, and integration with existing systems will be explored. 5. Implementation Strategies: We will provide practical guidance on implementing OSTree-based atomic upgrades in automotive systems. This will include deployment considerations, tooling support, and best practices for ensuring a smooth transition to the new update mechanism. 6. Bootloader support: rpm-ostree, ostree, etc. has focused on UEFI-like platforms for compatibility, learn how you can run OSTree on UEFI-like platforms and alternate platforms 7. Introduction to composefs: Learn more about composefs, the latest and greatest immutable filesystem/ Conclusion: In conclusion, this talk will highlight the significant advantages of adopting OSTree-based atomic upgrades in automotive software management. By leveraging OSTree, automotive companies can enhance system reliability, streamline the update process, and improve overall user experience. We believe that this presentation will provide valuable insights for automotive developers, engineers, and decision-makers looking to optimize their software update strategies.