Features of Kite Event Management

Choose Kite for a comprehensive and user-friendly event management experience, backed by a dedicated support team and a suite of powerful features to make your event a resounding success.

Event Planning

  • Call For Papers: Effortlessly manage speaker submissions and selections to curate a diverse and engaging lineup.
  • Evaluation System: Implement a robust evaluation system to gather valuable feedback and improve future events.
  • Sessions Management: Efficiently organize and coordinate various sessions to maximize the impact of your event.
  • Event Creation: Intuitive tools for creating and customizing events, ensuring a tailored experience for your audience.
  • Schedule Builder: Create a seamless event schedule that caters to the preferences and needs of your attendees.
  • Speaker Communication: Foster effective communication with speakers through dedicated tools, ensuring everyone is on the same page.
  • Embedding and API: Seamlessly integrate Kite into your existing systems and websites for a cohesive event experience.
  • Mobile Responsive: Empower attendees with a feature-rich mobile responsive for easy access to event details and updates on the go.

Event Management

  • Managing Registration: Simplify the registration process for attendees, making it efficient.
  • Managing Attendees: Easily manage and track attendee information, ensuring a smooth check-in experience at the event.
  • Attendee Hub: Provide attendees with a centralized hub for accessing event information, updates, and personalized content.
  • Agenda Builder: Enable attendees to customize their event experience by building their own agenda based on their interests.
  • Subscriptions & Billing: Streamline subscription and billing processes, making it easy for organizers to manage finances.
  • Reports & Exports: Generate insightful reports and exports to analyze event performance and gather valuable insights.
  • Native Integration: Seamlessly integrate Kite with other tools and platforms to enhance functionality and connectivity.
  • Meeting Room Booking System: Allow participants to book and invite others to private meeting rooms at your events.
  • Event Agenda Sync: Sync event agendas with meeting room bookings for optimal scheduling and resource utilization.

Digital Credentials & Verified Skills

  • Creating Badge: Design and create digital badges to acknowledge and showcase attendees' achievements and skills.

Plus Features

  • A dedicated event success specialist for a smooth setup process, providing expert guidance and support.
  • Visa Application Support to generate invitation letters for visa applications through the attendee dashboard.
  • Custom event setup assistance to tailor solutions based on your specific requirements for a personalized experience.