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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

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Chris Adeniyi-Jones

Principal Software A...
Arm Ltd
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Chris Adeniyi-Jones is a Principal Software Architect in Arm's Architecture and Technology group. He has worked on adapting cloud-native technology to manage and deploy applications for edge compute and was also the Arm coordinator for the EU Horizon 2020 Mont-Blanc and Mont-Blanc 2 projects enabling High-Performance Computing based on energy-efficient technology.


MAD24-329 Developing and Deploying Software for Hybrid Systems

  • Thursday, 16 May 16:20 - 16:45
  • Room: Session 1 | Las Palmas I

Hybrid systems, composed of diverse compute elements within a single System-on-Chip, enable developers to provide functionality using the most efficient hardware/software combination for different parts of a workload. An example hybrid system may contain a number of application processors running Linux alongside a real-time processor running a real-time operating system and an accelerator for machine-learning inference tasks. Developing software for the different parts of such a system involves using separate toolchains and flows. Deploying the software may also require separate mechanisms for each of the compute elements. In this talk: We look at the current state-of-play for the development and deployment of software using the i.MX8M MINI from NXP as an example platform. We describe our proof-of-concept solutions to solve some of the gaps that we found. We highlight ongoing work in the Linaro community (System Device Tree and OpenAMP) that could improve the overall process of development and deployment for hybrid systems.