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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

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Przemyslaw Wirkus

Principal Engineer
Standard Ticket

Przemyslaw has worked for Arm for the last ten years. Before joining Arm, he worked on embedded systems, and 3G/4G base stations. At Arm he has worked on IoT, GNU toolchain and he is currently part of Windows on Arm project WindowsPerf.


MAD24-308 Enhancements in WindowsPerf


Windows on Arm

  • Thursday, 16 May 11:00 - 11:25
  • Room: Session 3 | Tenerife II

In this presentation, we will delve into the significant advancements made in WindowsPerf. Our journey of improvement has been marked by enhancements in several key areas, including counting, sampling, and the timeline feature, which have all seen substantial upgrades. One of the major changes is the introduction of a new GUI, a hybrid of the Visual Studio extension and WPA plugin, both sub-projects of WindowsPerf. This combination has resulted in a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, making WindowsPerf more accessible to users. Furthermore, we have made considerable strides in improving the stability of the Kernel Driver. This enhancement has significantly reduced system crashes and improved overall performance. In our quest to provide more comprehensive performance metrics, we have added support for Neoverse PMU events and metrics. This addition allows users to gain deeper insights into system performance and make more informed decisions. Lastly, we have introduced disassembly for the annotate feature, providing users with a more detailed view of their code and its performance.

MAD24-305 Boost your workload and platform performance on Windows on Arm with WindowsPerf


Windows on Arm

  • Thursday, 16 May 10:25 - 10:50
  • Room: Session 3 | Tenerife II

Learn how to use WindowsPerf and Arm telemetry solutions to analyse performance and optimise your code. You will also learn how to use WindowsPerf Visual Studio extension and WPA-plugin for easier hotspot analysis and identification of system performance bottlenecks during code execution on Windows on Arm. Presentation will include live demos with commentary. Demos will include synthetic and real workloads.