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Join us at Linaro Connect, where innovation meets collaboration!

Discover the future of ARM open-source software, network with industry leaders, engineers, and ARM software experts, and don’t forget the Linaro Connect hacking sessions.

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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

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Guru Chinnabhandar

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MAD24-200K3 How ONELab is reshaping Arm at the Edge



  • Wednesday, 15 May 09:40 - 10:15
  • Room: Keynote | Zaragoza III+IV

Today's environment is demanding on Edge and IoT infrastructure. We require high performance platforms, processing vast amounts of data with software and AI that is changing at cloud-native speed, and all must be done safely and securely. To meet these demands, our platforms need to be ready for deployment at scale, have security built-in and enabled by default, and be updatable, adaptable platforms that can host a wide range of workloads. We've risen to these challenges with our work on enabling Arm SystemReady, PSA and PARSEC in open source projects and on devices. Now, we're taking the next step. At this year's Linaro Connect we're pleased to launch ONELab, a new initiative that helps Arm vendors test their platforms for compliance and demonstrate real interoperability between hardware, OSes, and cloud middleware on Arm Edge and Embedded devices. Come and hear from our panel of lead partners how ONELab is transforming the Arm ecosystem.