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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

MAD24-405 A GDB to support debugging High Performance Computing (HPC) Applications: Upstreaming

  • Friday, 17 May 10:20 - 10:45
  • Room: Session 3 | Tenerife II

Debugging High Performance Computing (HPC) codes presents several challenges. For example: multiple gigabytes of debug information, tens of thousands of processes and multiple third-party compilers with varying interpretations of DWARF. Forge GDB includes specialisation to handle these scenarios. Historically, these specialisations were provided through a 400+ out-of-tree patch set. However, this patch set was costing months of time per year to maintain. This factor forced a shift in approach from maintaining downstream changes to upstreaming. This shift towards upstreaming enabled further reductions in patchset size, reduction in maintenance cost from months to weeks, and made the HPC specialisations available to a wider audience out-of-the-box.

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Richard Bunt
Software Developer at Linaro
Prior to joining the Forge team, he completed a PhD in High Performance Computing and Visualisation. This involved analysing and developing an analytical model for the runtime performance of unstructu... View more