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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

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Etienne Carrière

SW engineer
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Etienne Carrière is an embedded software engineer at STMicroelectronics. He is involved in boot stages, kernel layers and system resources for Linux based embedded systems since the beginning of the century. Etienne is involved in the OP-TEE project since 2013.


MAD24-109 10 years with OP-TEE



  • Tuesday, 14 May 15:55 - 16:55
  • Room: Keynote | Zaragoza III+IV

In June 2024 it's 10 years since OP-TEE was published as an open source project. OP-TEE has been a significant project for Linaro and it has been used as a reference TEE implementation at Arm. Also in addition to that it's used by lots of organizations, companies and vendors for all sorts for purposes, like products, research, development etc. We'd like to run a panel discussion with the people who have been involved in the project where we discuss the history, the things that went good, what has been challenging and where we see OP-TEE go in the future.

MAD24-419 OP-TEE device drivers frameworks



  • Friday, 17 May 12:40 - 13:05
  • Room: Session 3 | Tenerife II

OP-TEE OS offers an almost full software implementation of the GP TEE APIs and other services exposed to trusted applications and to non-secure OSes. However, OP-TEE OS also offers several frameworks to ease integration of device drivers for platform resources from system resources (clocks, interrupts, …) to cryptographic hardware assistance and peripherals. These drivers can rely on device-tree or not to manage their configuration and dependencies. Several such frameworks were added in recent OP-TEE releases. This session proposes a tour in the device driver frameworks available in OP-TEE and is an opportunity to discuss with the attendance on possible evolutions.