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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

MAD24-214 Modern CI solutions for Linux Kernel Testing

  • Wednesday, 15 May 12:20 - 12:45
  • Room: Session 2 | Tenerife I

Today's landscape boasts a variety of CI/CD platforms, including GitHub, GitLab, CodeLinaro, and Jenkins. Recently, patches were submitted for enabling pipeline solutions into the Linux Kernel tree. Our aim is to enhance transparency in testing solutions, thereby maximising the value developers derive from the outcomes. In our presentation, we will explore several innovative approaches, particularly focusing on Linaro's open-source contributions like TuxMake and TuxRun. These tools facilitate building and testing the Linux kernel within GitLab pipelines and GitHub Actions. Furthermore, we will delve into advanced testing strategies that leverage cloud resources for build and test processes through TuxSuite. A significant portion of our discussion will be dedicated to Curated TuxSuite Plans that outline specific builds and tests for various subsystems, triggered by relevant patches to those subsystems. This approach not only streamlines the testing process but also ensures targeted and efficient testing aligned with subsystem changes.

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Vishal Bhoj
Tech Lead at Linaro
Vishal Bhoj is a software development professional with over 14 years of rich experience in the realm of software design, development, and integration across a diverse range of software stacks, from e... View more