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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

Automation and Validation


14th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

15th May

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Rémi Duraffort
Principal Tech Lead at Linaro

The Linaro Automation Appliance is a new solution developed by Linaro to accelerate device automation by providing a full featured appliance. In the test automation community, LAVA has become the de-facto standard for the software. On the hardware side...

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Daniel Izquierdo
CEO at Bitergia

Most of what we know today about applying delivery metrics today comes from software production environments where the organization has significant or full control of the product deployment. How do we apply such metrics in environments where your contro...

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Daniel Lezcano
Kernel Engineer & Power Specialist at Linaro

Systems with industry standards like automotive have strong requirements to ensure the boot process is fast enough to put the system in a ready state. Others consider the boot time less important when the system is powered up but want a quick wake up from...

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Vishal Bhoj
Tech Lead at Linaro

Today's landscape boasts a variety of CI/CD platforms, including GitHub, GitLab, CodeLinaro, and Jenkins. Recently, patches were submitted for enabling pipeline solutions into the Linux Kernel tree. Our aim is to enhance transparency in testing solutions,...

16th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

17th May

No talks scheduled for this date.