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Join us at Linaro Connect, where innovation meets collaboration!

Discover the future of ARM open-source software, network with industry leaders, engineers, and ARM software experts, and don’t forget the Linaro Connect hacking sessions.

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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

Data Center and Cloud


14th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

15th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

16th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

17th May

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Marcin Juszkiewicz
Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat

Many things happened around SBSA Reference Platform in QEMU during last years. From virtual hardware changes to firmware updates. In this talk I want to share machine's current status, what was changed and tested. How close we are to SBSA/SystemReady S...

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Ryotaro Kasuga
Software Engineer at Fujitsu

Software Pipelining is a loop optimization technique that schedules instructions across iterations to increase instruction-level parallelism. We have been working on MachinePipeliner pass, an implementation of Software Pipelining in LLVM. We have already...

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Xinliang Liu
Engineer at Linaro

In this session, we will report the latest status of Arm Lustre, such as what work we are doing on improving Arm Lustre support, Arm Lustre support status what OSes are supported and maintained and tested in our External Arm Lustre CI, and also the status...