Linaro Connect 24

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Join us at Linaro Connect, where innovation meets collaboration!

Discover the future of ARM open-source software, network with industry leaders, engineers, and ARM software experts, and don’t forget the Linaro Connect hacking sessions.

Let’s connect, learn, and innovate together.

May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

Trusted Firmware


14th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

15th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

16th May

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Matteo Carlini
Director, Software Technology Management at Arm open source community project is providing a collaborative platform for the security experts from the wider community to build scalable security. Over the years, the project has grown with multiple projects providing secure software im...

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Imre Géza Kis
Staff Software Engineer at Arm

The Arm Firmware Framework for Arm A-profile (FF-A) specification defines the software architecture of firmware components and their standardized communication protocol. The specification offers isolation of mutually mistrusting components using the archi...

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Manish Pandey
TF-A developer and maintainer, leading runtime aspects of TF-A (BL31) at arm

Will mainly be covering following aspects - Context Mgmt and memory optimisation to scale for 4 world systems - Exception handling (KFH/FFH) - Firmware Handoff spec and implementations - Feature detection mechanism - ARCH_MAJOR/MINOR and how platfor...

17th May

No talks scheduled for this date.