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Join us at Linaro Connect, where innovation meets collaboration!

Discover the future of ARM open-source software, network with industry leaders, engineers, and ARM software experts, and don’t forget the Linaro Connect hacking sessions.

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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

Open Source Development


14th May

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Akanksha Jain
Software Product Manager at Arm

This talk covers about FreeBSD, an architecture agnostic Open Source distro and the advent of its enablement story in the Arm Open source group. FreeBSD is a standards compliant, Unix-like OS, enjoying a strong hold in the gaming Market, with its competit...

15th May

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Carlo Piana
Partner at Array

What are the advantages of integrating an Open Source and IP policy into a CI/CD system? How can the software and other IP licenses conundrum be solved and safely comply with the requirements and conditions of upstream Open Source licenses? Can I obtain a...

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Johan Hovold
Linux kernel developer at Hovold Consulting

What would it take to run mainline Linux on an Arm laptop built for Windows? That was the question Linaro set out to answer in a project funded by Arm. A bit more than a year later, the Lenovo ThinkPad X13s could be used as a daily driver while running...

16th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

17th May

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Thomas Gall
Director at Linaro

Long Term Support (LTS) for Open Source Software generally means that the community or a company is willing to support a particular version of software with fixes over an extend period of time. The idea is to not bring in new features only fixes to maximi...

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Evgeny Karpov
Software Engineer at Microsoft

This conference talk presents Git for Windows' journey, its evolution, and ongoing development. It discusses how CI practices enhance GNU toolchain contributions. It also shares insights from collaborating with Linaro on preparing patch series and gaining...

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Daniel Scally
Software Engineer at Ideas on Board

Arm's Mali-C55 ISP has started hitting silicon, and for the past year work has been underway to implement support for the hardware entirely through open source software. In this session we'll outline the work that's been done so far, covering the Linux ke...