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May 14, 2024

1 week ago

May 17, 2024

1 week ago

Madrid, Spain

SystemReady and Standards


14th May

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Jon Humphreys
Eng Manager at Texas Instruments

In adding support for System Ready IR to Texas Instruments development boards, I will take a look at how effective the standard is at meeting its goal of software that 'just works'. In particular, I will cover - Firmware availability - Device Tree and...

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Vincent Stehlé
System Architect at Arm

SystemReady is Arm's compliance program for ensuring compatibility between Arm A-Profile platforms and the operating system ecosystem. The SystemReady IR band is tailored to meet the needs of the embedded Linux market. It is based on UEFI and Devicetree...

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Ilias Apalodimas
Senior Tech Lead at Linaro

U-Boot has been used to certify IoT platforms since its 2021.04 release. However, the certification is not always easy. On top of that the device functionality and security profile heavily depends on the available hardware options. Let's have a commun...

15th May

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Dong Wei
Fellow at Arm

This sessions provides a detailed update to the system architecture standards such as BSA, xBSA, and BBR that covers the hardware and firmware requirements necessary for the generic OSes to boot/install without modifications and for software standardizati...

16th May

No talks scheduled for this date.

17th May

No talks scheduled for this date.